Active Campaigns

Active Campaigns

Donate to support our mission.

Help us meet the LatinoJustice mission and ensure that the Latinx community in the United States are treated with dignity, justice and fairness. See how you can help with our current campaigns.

Puerto Rico Recovery

Help Puerto Rico Recover– Make a donation to our Puerto Rico recovery projects, such as Ayuda Legal Hurricane Maria (ALHM), to help provide legal advocacy and support for Puerto Ricans displaced by Hurricane Maria. Our team is working with collaborators in Puerto Rico, Florida and other U.S. locations to provide legal guidance for displaced and otherwise impacted Puerto Ricans. Help families access housing, education and employment and secure disaster relief. Donate today; every dollar raised will provide direct assistance to individuals, families and communities dealing with the post-Hurricane Maria recovery process.

Immigrant Justice

Keep Families Together and Safe – Your contributions help LatinoJustice pursue multiple legal and advocacy strategies to stop attempts by local, state and federal authorities to deny the rights of immigrants. Legal challenges, Know-Your-Rights workshops, toolkits, task forces and more are some of the resources we use to provide legal advocacy for immigrant workers and families. We challenge unlawful practices and legislation that curtail the civil and human rights of immigrants. Your contributions can make the difference for families struggling to navigate an increasingly disastrous anti-immigrant landscape

Leadership Development

Foster Latino leadership and civic participation – Donate today to support LatinoJustice’s efforts to equip Latinx with the skills, training and network to succeed in law school and to remove obstacles and ensure that Latinx can participate in civic life as voters, active community members and leaders. Fostering civic participation is more important now than ever as lawmakers continue to take positions that curtail the rights of Latinx families and individuals.