Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

As a human and civil rights organization dedicated to defending the rights of all Latinos, including Puerto Ricans, to lead a life of dignity, respect and meaning, LJP believes that Puerto Rico must be able to enjoy self-determination and participate in a true decolonization process immediately. All of our work on the Island, from disaster assistance, human rights work in Vieques, and advocacy around the public debt supports our colegas on the ground in furtherance of this principle.

Ayuda Legal Huracán María (ALHM)

We helped create a Puerto Rico led disaster relief legal response initiative called ALHM to assist thousands of Puerto Ricans affected by Hurricane Maria seek Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance, housing assistance, resettlement and relocation assistance and other aid. Our team is supporting legal efforts on Puerto Rico; and, in Florida and other states, we are working with Puerto Ricans displaced by the hurricane.
For disaster recovery legal assistance in Florida, contact Southeast@latinojustice.org.

International Human Rights

We elevate human rights violations occurring in Puerto Rico on behalf of Vieques residents to the InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights and on behalf of all residents to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights.

Migration and the Diaspora

We provide legal assessments in housing, employment, education and voting rights in Florida and Georgia to assist Puerto Rican families as they seek to rebuild their lives.