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J/J DOE PLAINTIFFS #1-21, individually and o/b/o all others

EDNY (J. Azrack, Central Islip).
2:15-cv-02431 (E.D.N.Y. Apr 29, 2015)

LatinoJustice and co-counsel filed this class action lawsuit in May 2015 o/b/o Latinx Long Island residents who had been racially profiled and “stopped & robbed” by uniformed Suffolk Police over the past decade. After an undercover sting operation in January 2014 resulted in the arrest of a then uniformed Suffolk County Police Sergeant while on duty. Numerous Latinx community residents came forward to report that they had often been racially profiled and stopped while driving, and then had money stolen by an officer, or given a ticket. 

Our 1983 civil rights action contends that the County and the Police Department failed to properly monitor and take timely action despite complaints alerting them to the conduct at least several years in advance. 
Plaintiffs were granted a protective order permitting them to proceed anonymously given they had demonstrated reasonable fears of retaliation “In light of the criminal) indictment(s) and the serious allegations against other SCPD Officers in this case [still employed by the SCPD], the Court finds that the Plaintiffs’ fears of possible retaliation and further harassment by SCPD Officers to be a reasonable assumption”. 
Parties are still engaged in ongoing discovery.