Economic Justice

Economic Justice

LatinoJustice PRLDEF recognizes the multifaceted economic struggles faced by the Latinx workforce and works with an expansive lens towards justice that upholds dignity as a human right. On behalf of the Latinx workforce we seek to: remove barriers that deny entry into the workforce; provide equitable access to work spaces that advance economic opportunity; ensure access to available benefits; and eradicate exploitation and work abuse through litigation, advocacy and education.

An Expansive Lens for Economic Justice

As we seek to identify discriminatory patterns and practices by employers we advocate for the recognition of the intersectionality of identities in the Latinx community while simultaneously viewing economic justice as more than a living wage; it includes the ability to live within decent and sustainable housing, educational, health and environmental settings that bring real value to economic participation.

A Special Focus on Low-Wage Workers

LatinoJustice works to defend some of the most vulnerable and marginalized Latinx immigrants who contend with racial and gender discrimination, unpaid wages, retaliatory threats and firings, and sexual harassment in the workplace in New York City, New York State, and in Central Florida’s hospitality industry.

Collaborations with Community-Based Partners

Collaborations with community-based partners is a key component of our strategy. With the Hispanic Federation and New Immigrant Community Empowerment we lead a multi-agency coalition working to protect Latinx immigrants, both documented and undocumented, in New York City who are in greatest danger of intimidation, harassment, incarceration and deportation in today’s anti-immigrant political climate.