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Take Action

Help us make an impact. You can volunteer, march, raise your voice and be an ambassador for justice.

Decolonize Justice Documentary Series

The stories depicted in our new documentary series “Decolonize Justice,” represent the way police, prosecutors and courts have historically targeted people of color for incarceration in our country. This is the subject of the series’ anchor documentary, 
Bad Hombres: From Colonization to Criminalization, and of the additional set of short films that bring to life the contemporary manifestations of oppression.
Watch the full series here.

Urge Your Representative to Accelerate Impeachment Proceedings!

Through a mix of racist rhetoric and cruel legislation, Florida Man puts millions of Latinx’s lives at risk every day. Send a firm message to your representatives demanding that they push for accelerated impeachment proceedings. Click here to read more about our campaign and take action.