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Decolonize Justice Documentary Series
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The stories depicted in our new documentary series “Decolonize Justice,” represent the way police, prosecutors and courts have historically targeted people of color for incarceration in our country. This is the subject of the series’ anchor documentary, Bad Hombres: From Colonization to Criminalization, and of the additional set of short films that bring to life the contemporary manifestations of oppression. The criminal justice system in the U.S. needs not only to be reformed; it needs to be dismantled. It needs to be de-structured. It needs to be decolonized. 

Watch the full series here
Decolonize Justice Documentaries

Film 1 – Bad Hombres – Link here
Film 2 – Police Brutality – Link here
Film 3 – Re-entry & Stigma – Link here
Film 4 – Racial Profiling – Link here
Film 5 – Latino Data Gap – Link here
Film 6 – Crimmigration – Link here
Film 7 – Gangs – Link here