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Francisca D. Fajana
Director of Racial Justice Strategy
Latino Justice member name Francisca D. Fajana

An ardent advocate for lawyering at the intersection of structural racialization and poverty, Fran is the Director of Racial Justice Strategy. She has decades of experience advancing racial equity and litigating employment, housing, education and other civil rights cases. Fran has successfully pursued impact cases in federal and state courts, including Caban Gonzalez, et al. v. Moore, et al., requiring Georgia’s Department of Driver Services to afford reciprocity to holders of driver’s license from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands; LatinoJustice PRLDEF v. HUD, challenging the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s failure to timely produce records regarding undocumented households—disproportionately Latinx—impacted by a proposed ban on mixed status families; and Brinson v. Winchendon Housing Authority, holding a housing provider accountable for condoning a racially hostile housing environment endured by the first Black family to integrate a public housing complex.

Fran also has successfully secured monetary damages in a range of cases, pursued policy reforms overhauling a state’s criminal offender record keeping statute, and authored leading articles promoting race-based lawyering. She is also actively engaged in federal appellate advocacy. Fran relishes her immigrant roots. She holds an LL.M. from Boston College Law School, and is a 1993 J.D. graduate of Suffolk University Law School.