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Tiffany Montano
People Ops Manager
Latino Justice member name Tiffany Montano

Tiffany focuses on tactical elements of organization value proposition, talent acquisition and organization evolution and design. Prior to joining LatinoJustice, Tiffany worked in the entertainment industry as HR representative for a multi-site employer. She holds a B.A. in Sociology with a concentration in psychology and women’s studies from Stony Brook University. Her research focused on the negative effects of hair expectations on women of color (WOC) and the physiological impacts of birth and post-partum on WOC.

Tiffany is passionate about organization culture, learning, embracing change and positively impacting those around her. A second generation Dominican-American with Puerto Rican roots, she is proudly born and raised in uptown Manhattan and is currently a doula-in-training.

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