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Of Caravans and ‘Criminals’

The growing caravan of migrants making their way to Mexico City (and hopefully, the Mexico–U.S. border) portrays the open defiance of immigrants who have nothing left to lose but their lives. It...SEE MORE >>

November 05, 2018
by Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan

By Denise Collazo and Juan Cartagena

A year ago, Hurricane Maria barreled down on the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In her wake, Maria left death and destruction – devastation...SEE MORE >>

October 04, 2018
by Juan Cartagena
Meet the new LatinoJustice look

If you’ve had an opportunity to visit and peruse our newly redesigned website, you may have noticed a few key changes. As teased in ...SEE MORE >>

September 10, 2018
by Juan Cartagena
Supuesta superioridad

The violence in Charlottesville shows how the silent of one man has the power to inflame more hate.SEE MORE >>

July 19, 2018
by Juan Cartagena
Colaborando para reconstruir el sistema penal

Article talks about how many Latinxs communities suffer because the justice system is broken.SEE MORE >>

July 15, 2018
by Juan Cartagena
Trump y su traición americana

The removal of DACA is an American betrayal for students.SEE MORE >>

July 15, 2018
by Juan Cartagena