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With the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve been faced with the unimaginable pain this new reality has brought upon our nation, particularly the most vulnerable within our communities.

As we witness the impacts on our immediate communities and around the country, we will never ignore the plights of the immigrants being held in detention; those in the service industries who are being laid-off suffering from a sudden lack of income due to closures; the heroes putting their lives on the line so that others can live, those without health insurance or without even a basic support network, as well as the oft-forgotten prison population. The lack of a humanitarian approach to handling this crisis coming from the country’s leadership is, to us, a clear sign that this is precisely the moment in which we must strive to fight harder.
As the proverb goes, “Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.” While the world around us seems to have come close to a standstill, our mission to uphold the civil and human rights of the communities we serve continues. During these unprecedented times, it’s more urgent than ever. We continue as committed as ever to ensuring the rights, safety and dignity of pre-trial detainees, prisoners, and undocumented detainees are upheld. We are maximizing all legal venues at our disposal, as well as the power of technology, to further our voting rights, economic justice and Puerto Rico work.
Lastly, and certainly not least important, With Census Day coming up on April 1st, 2020, we continue to weigh in the impacts of this national nightmare on some of the most important aspects of our mission, and to work diligently with individuals, community partners, and the media, to ensure Latinos are thoroughly counted in the 2020 Census. You will find plenty of Census-related materials to help #LatinosCount, on our Census 2020 Resource Page. Please use them, share them, and help us in our mission to ensure Latinos have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.
We look forward to continuing to serve you as we learn to overcome this somber moment in human history, together.