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Statement by Juan Cartagena on the Killing of Carlos Adrián Ingram López by Tucson Police

"Nana, ayúdame (grandmother help me)" was the desperate plea uttered by Carlos Adrián Ingram López as he lay naked, face down on the floor of a garage, brutally restrained by the police who would be responsible for his death.

Mr. Ingram López, like George Floyd, Derrick Scott, Eric Garner, and Anthony Báez could not breathe and posed no threat to anyone. Even more disturbing, Ingram López died two months ago and his killers would have gotten away with this heinous act if it had not been for the recent release of video footage. How many other lives have been snatched away by police violence under cover of darkness that will never see the light of day or receive the justice they so rightfully deserve?

We continue to commit to meaningful action in partnership with the Black community in calling for an end to state violence against our people. As we've said before, the time for token reforms has long passed. We demand transformational change beginning with defunding the police and reinvesting in our long-neglected communities.