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Fight Continues to Protect the Right to Vote for Almost a Million New Yorkers



July 26, 2022  

Sarai Bejarano [email protected] | 212-739-7581  

Fight Continues to Protect the Right to Vote for Almost a Million New Yorkers
Civil & Voter Rights Organization Appeals Ruling on Non-Citizen Municipal Voting 

New York, NY – LatinoJustice PRLDEF, a national civil and human rights organization, filed a notice of appeal to challenge a recent ruling on Local Law 11. The filing comes after a decision by Richmond County State Supreme Court Justice Ralph Porzio to invalidate the law, which granted New Yorkers with legal permanent status or work authorization the right to vote in municipal elections.
The following statement can be attributed to Fulvia Vargas De-León, Senior Counsel at LatinoJustice PRLDEF, and one of the lawyers representing the case:

“In the face of a concerted effort to undermine our democracy and the right to vote around the country, LatinoJustice stands ready to defend Local Law 11. We are filing this appeal on behalf of our clients, who are eager to see this ruling overturned to enfranchise nearly one million immigrant New Yorkers, many of whom kept our City going during a global crisis. Our communities should have a fighting chance to restore a right they worked hard to obtain, yet it was taken away from them before they ever had a chance to exercise it. LatinoJustice and our clients remain firm in our commitment to protecting voting rights despite divisive partisan attacks. Having a voice in local government and matters affecting everyday lives is pivotal to maintaining a representative democracy."


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LatinoJustice PRLDEF works to create a more just society by using and challenging the rule of law to secure transformative, equitable and accessible justice, by empowering our community and by fostering leadership through advocacy and education. For nearly 50 years, LatinoJustice PRLDEF has acted as an advocate against injustices throughout the country. To learn more about LatinoJustice, visit