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Statement Condemning the Shooting in El Paso and the Hateful Rhetoric that Led to The Attack

New York, NY

CONTACT:  Christiaan Perez, [email protected], 212-739-7581

A statement from our President and General Counsel Juan Cartagena, in light to today’s shooting in El Paso:

“We send our heartfelt condolences to the families of the people killed in El Paso, Texas in what is another act of domestic terrorism in America. Right now we are with the families of those who died and those who are wounded – innocent people from both the U.S. and Mexico. All preliminary signs indicate that this is another hate-filled reaction by a white supremacist that believes our country is being invaded by a population that has been living in that part of the planet for centuries.

We are also devasted to learn of early reporting that some of the victims allegedly did not request help, out of fear of being doubly victimized by being referred to ICE. This speaks to the total disregard for our community’s humanity.

Gun violence is a serious issue in America – the land of guns, rifles and automatic weaponry. It happens every day in our barrios. Texas is an open-carry state where the Texas legislature also allows concealed carry on college campuses. But when it happens from the evil of hate it must be stopped. And that must start with leadership from the White House and Congress.

LatinoJustice awaits an official response from the President, one that shows no equivocation that accompanied Charlottesville. But one that denounces white supremacy and hate against Latinx communities, people of color, and all immigrants.

This rhetoric takes form as official policy carried out by the CBP and ICE; is fueled by the dehumanizing, hate-filled speeches and tweets of President Trump. It is given further impetus by the enabling cowardice of GOP leadership; and used by the white nationalists who take the words of the president and the failure to condemn that speech as a green light. And it must STOP.”