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LatinoJustice Celebrates 10 Years of Latina Trailblazers
CONTACT: Christiaan Perez, , 212-739-7581 New York, NY – June 19 th , LatinoJustice will celebrate the 10 th anniversary of the Latina Trailblazers Breakfast, an annual event...SEE MORE >>

Date: June 19, 2019
Location: New York, NY

Advocates Around Florida Host Community Fairs to Help Restore Voting Rights for People Eligible Under Amendment 4
CONTACT: Christiaan Perez, , 212-739-7581 This coming Saturday June 15 th , people who qualify to restore their voting rights under Amendment 4 can attend a Rights...SEE MORE >>

Date: June 11, 2019
Location: Orlando, FL

Federal appeals court affirms that restaurant owner fraudulently conveyed properties to avoid paying $2.7 million wage theft judgment
A group of ex-restaurant workers in Kim v Yoo (Case 18-1447) won a new victory before a three-judge panel of the Second Circuit Appeals Court. The Panel affirmed the decision and judgment of the late...SEE MORE >>

Date: June 06, 2019
Location: New York, NY

LatinoJustice Asks Presidential Candidates How They Will Address Policing
Presidential politics is not our forté at LatinoJustice. Laws and practices that shield the abuse of the criminal justice system on Latinx communities, are. When you start a national discourse with...SEE MORE >>

Date: June 03, 2019

Citizenship Question, a Political Hit to Suppress Latinos
CONTACT: Christiaan Perez, , 212-739-7581 On Thursday, evidence was submitted to the Supreme Court in the case Department of Commerce, et al. v. New York, et al. that...SEE MORE >>

Date: May 31, 2019

Puerto Ricans Who Lost Their Jobs After Hurricane Maria Granted 30-Day Extension to Apply for Up to 52 Weeks of Disaster Unemployment Assistance
Contact: Christiaan Perez, , 212-739-7581; Amy Lebowitz, , 646-200-5322 The Puerto Rico Department of Labor today announced a 30-day extension of...SEE MORE >>

Date: May 31, 2019