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    02, July 2024
    “Justice Delayed” says LatinoJustice in Charges Against NYPD Lieutenant

“Justice Delayed” says LatinoJustice in Charges Against NYPD Lieutenant

July 02, 2024 
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“Justice Delayed” says LatinoJustice in Charges Against NYPD Lieutenant 

New York, NY – The New York Police Department has charged one of its Lieutenants for the death of Allan Feliz during a traffic stop back on October 17th of 2019. In light of this news LatinoJustice PRLDEF issued the following statement:  

The statement can be attributed to Norma Esquivel, Senior Counsel at LatinoJustice PRLDEF and a lead attorney in this case: 

“After years of unrest for the Feliz family, NYPD has finally charged Lt. Johnathan Rivera with the murder of Allan Feliz. Mr. Feliz, who would have been 36 years-old this year, was racially profiled, illegally detained, and shot and killed by Lt. Jonathan Rivera during an unjust traffic stop.  
“For far too long NYPD has maintained the practice of obstructing discipline to shield its officers from abusing and killing our community members. Lt. Rivera has 34 allegations of misconduct and has cost the city $115,000 in settlements. He should have been fired long before he killed Allan Feliz. NYPD sat on the charges against Lt. Rivera for almost a year and delayed justice for Mr. Feliz’s family. We now demand that the Civilian Complaint Review Board quickly schedule the discipline trial. Any additional delay in this case is unacceptable and simply unjust. LatinoJustice vows to continue our work to ensure cops are held accountable for their actions and ensure transparency and accountability from NYPD.” 


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