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A program of the CAP LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE sponsored by Nixon Peabody LLP.

In June of 2005, LatinoJustice PRLDEF launched a new initiative called LAWbound®, a project whose aim was to increase the number of Latinos who successfully stay on the path to law school.

With the support of the Office of Diversity Initiatives of the Law School Admission Council, LAWbound® builds upon our current pre-law programming and identifies Latino students early in their college career. The program provides targeted services that address some of the most common barriers to admission to law school, and helps students effectively navigate the law school admissions process, and, in turn, underwrite their own success.

Our goal is simple. To increase the number of Latinos who go to law school.

The LAWbound® program plan includes:

  1. Outreach, recruitment and college activities
  2. The Luis J. DeGraffe LAWbound® Summer/Winter Academy
  3. Mentoring and networking
  4. Wrap-around programming that improves access from law school to bar admission.

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Demonstrate a strong interest in pursuing a legal education.
  • Currently enrolled in undergraduate programs or recent graduate, pre-law sophomore during initial application to the program.
  • Application submitted to include:
    - Personal statement
    -  Resume

Application Deadlines:

  • Summer 2023 Program: July 31st - August 4, 2023
     - Application portal to open early June
     - Application Deadline - Monday, July 10th 
  • Winter 2024 Program January 8-12, 2024 



Contact [email protected] for more information.