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Apply to the Freedom in Practice (FIP) Academy

Apply to the Freedom in Practice (FIP) Academy


The movement to transform the criminal legal system should be led by those most directly affected by incarceration.

To harness the power of formerly incarcerated people to drive transformation of these harmful systems, they need tools to organize, develop ideas and communicate about needed change. The FIP (Freedom in Practice) Academy addresses those needs and prepares those recently released from prison to contribute meaningfully to the movement, while remaining accountable to the communities and individuals who may have been harmed.

While FIP usually stands for “formerly incarcerated person,” we have reclaimed this term to embody our Academy’s aspiration, to build freedom in practice. We want Academy participants to practice the freedom to live authentically, gain knowledge and use their hard-earned expertise to influence public policy and engage in credible advocacy.

Led by LJP’s National Director of Criminal Justice and Southwest Director for Policy & Advocacy, Jorge Renaud, the FIP Academy offers scheduled workshops centered on political education, professional development, movement dynamics, legislative basics and policy approaches. The workshops are taught mostly but not exclusively by other FIPs who have become successful in some or all of those practices.

The training aims to equip FIPs with tools and knowledge to successfully prepare for movement leadership positions at nonprofits and in related organizations.

The LatinoJustice PRLDEF Freedom in Practice (FIP) Academy is currently accepting applications for our January 2024 cohort, taking place February 13 through March 14, 2024.

To apply, you must:
•    be formerly incarcerated
•    have access to a computer
•    be willing and available for two-hour evening online sessions, three days a week, for five weeks.

There is no cost to the training. LatinoJustice PRLDEF will provide a stipend and travel/lodging expenses for travel to Austin, TX, for an in-person training session and graduation ceremony at the end of the program.