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Q: Does LatinoJustice take on individual legal cases? 

A: LatinoJustice takes on impact litigation and, as such, does not typically represent individual clients, except as they represent a broader population. For example, we may represent one or more named clients in a case that will have an impact on hundreds of thousands of people as in our voter protection cases. We do however provide individual legal advice and referrals via our legal hotline.

Q: Is LatinoJustice a local, state or national organization?

A: LatinoJustice is a national civil rights organization, serving the Latinx community in all 50 states and its territories. Our headquarters is located in New York City and we have satellite offices in Orlando, FL, Long Island, NY and Texas.

Q: How can I get someone from LatinoJustice to present at my event or workshop?

A: Send an email with your request and include date, location and nature of event or workshop and presenter role you are seeking to fill. LatinoJustice can typically address audiences on human and civil rights, legal pipeline and related issues.

Q: Does LatinoJustice provide internship opportunities other than in the legal department?

A: LatinoJustice welcomes interns in a variety of programs and administrative roles. Please check our Careers page for current internship and fellowship postings.

Q: Does LatinoJustice take on immigration cases?

A: LatinoJustice takes on impact litigation that focuses on immigrant rights and other aspects of our programmatic pillars. We typically do not handle individual deportation defense cases or affirmative immigration benefit matters.

Q: Is LatinoJustice a 501(c)(3) organization?

A: Yes, LatinoJustice is a 501(c)(3) organizaiton and our tax identification number is 13-2722664.

Q: Does LatinoJustice have a C-4 arm?

A: No, LatinoJustice does not have a C-4 designation.

Q: Does LatinoJustice have a legal hotline?

A: Yes, LatinoJustice operates a bilingual hotline for individuals to report and/or seek assistance on civil rights violations. The hotline number is 800.328.2322. Request Legal Assistance here.

Q: Does LatinoJustice provide cash scholarships grants or other financial support for individuals or organizations?

A: No, LatinoJustice does not provide any funding for individuals or organizations.

Re: LSAT course

Q: Do we have scholarships or financial aid available for the LSAT Prep Course?
A: At this time, we do not have funding to provide scholarships or grants to subsidize the cost of our LSAT Prep Course.


Q: Is there a payment plan for the LSAT Prep Course?

A: The only payment plan available allows two equal payments for the course, and must be requested and approved on an individual basis.

Q:  Does the registration fee include all materials?

A: The registration fee does not include the books.  You must purchase the books separately. There are four books.  Here is the list. They may be purchased from your preferred on-line bookseller.  The books should cost between $85-$100 in total including shipping. The professor will provide additional handouts, which are included in the fee for the course.

Q: Do you accept personal checks or cash for the prep course?

A: We only accept money orders or credit card payments via our website.

Re: LAWbound®

Q: Your LAW<em>bound</em>® page says you have to be Hispanic/Latino to be eligible for the program. May I still apply?

A: While our outreach is targeted toward identifying Latinx prelaw students, we will consider applications from all who apply.  Over 80% of our scholars are of Hispanic/Latino heritage, but we have accepted prospective law students from a diversity of ethnic backgrounds.

Q: Your application says you have to be a freshman or a sophomore, I am a senior (or I have already graduated), may I still apply?

A: LAWbound® seeks to identify students early in their college journey; however, we will consider applicants who are upperclassmen or recent graduates.  Our scholars are from all four college grade levels, as well as postgraduates and master’s degree holders.

Q: How much does it cost to participate in the LAW<em>bound</em>® program?

A: The LAWbound® program is FREE of charge. There is no cost to the participants aside from commuter costs from outside of NYC, and housing for students coming from outside of NYC, neither of which we cover at this time. The program covers public transportation within New York City, breakfast and lunch, and all materials.