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A Message from the President: Updating the LatinoJustice Brand

New York, NY


On behalf of the LatinoJustice PRLDEF staff and Board of Directors, I write to share new and exciting developments about our branding, messaging and website – effectively, our public persona. In the past few years, LatinoJustice has undergone tremendous growth, both in its program and in its presence. To reinforce that growth and to help the community better understand the nature and scope of our work, we have updated our branding, website and messaging, and these updates will go public August 20th.

On that date, be sure to visit our website at and you’ll find the following:

  • A cleaner, more intuitive and user-friendly website that facilitates navigation
  • Our updated mission statement that reflects how our mission is carried out today
  • Our new logo, which depicts a modern image of Lady Justice – Justicia – using a palette that reflects the courage, optimism, freedom, responsibility, security, stability and trust that is the foundation of the LatinoJustice brand and network

Our blueprint for change has been dictated by both ambitious and strategic decision-making and the rising needs of the Latinx community in the face of heightened anti-Latinx actions fostered by the current federal administration. The branding overhaul is part of a more comprehensive organizational transformation currently underway that includes expanded staffing across multiple offices; a planned move to a new headquarters; new programs; a technology and communications makeover; and an organizational shift toward more collaborative work structures.

All of the changes noted here are necessary to ensure that LatinoJustice can not only defend the rights of Latinx nationwide today but also foster future generations of civil and human rights leaders and ensure the future sustainability and impact of the organization.

Thank you for your support and the many ways you have helped bring us to this juncture. Please visit our website August 20th and explore.


Juan Cartagena, 
President & General Counsel