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New York Will Restore the Right to Vote for Individuals on Parole



Last week historic legislation was signed into law that will restore voting rights to formerly incarcerated individuals upon their release. LatinoJustice had long advocated for passage of the legislation which will ensure that all formerly incarcerated individuals have the right to vote upon release as part of our broader Rights Restoration advocacy work, sending letters in support in 2020 and 2021

The new law codifies and expands the immediate voting rights restoration of parolees set forth in a prior Executive order by Governor Cuomo by requiring that an individual released from custody be notified, orally and in writing, that his or her voting rights are restored upon release; and providing incarcerated individuals voter registration forms and registration assistance before the individual is released. Denying the right to vote to New Yorkers who have been released serves no legitimate purpose and undermines the basic fundamental principles our nation purports to value. LatinoJustice applauds the bill’s belated enactment.