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Leadership development is at the core of LatinoJustice PRLDEF’s mission. Mentoring and networking both significantly determine an individual's opportunities for success in school and employment. Therefore, mentoring is fundamental to the nurturance of today’s youth who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

The NGL program utilizes our volunteer Líderes board and their peer networks to mentor Latino youth from high school through college and beyond, as they move toward a law career path.

Mentorship and Educational Counseling

  • Themed mentorship program where young lawyers are matched with high school and college mentees.
  • Mentees receive the latest info on college and law school admissions, and access to higher education professionals.
  • Parents receive support and updated information through specialized workshops.

The mentoring program has two key components:

  • Group-themed programs, where mentees learn about different legal fields and legal issues, as well as interact with their mentors in person
  • Individual meetings for our college-aged mentees

Mentee Eligibility Requirements - Mentee Application Deadline May 1st:

  • 11th Grade to Undergraduate students
  • 3.0 or greater GPA (B or better)
  • Strong record of school attendance and extracurricular activities
  • Teacher/educator recommendation
  • NYC students; nearby NJ students
  • Interest in a law career
  • Active, involved parent/guardian
  • Application and parental consent form must be submitted to include: 
       - An essay describing their academic and/or career goals (see the application for details) 
       - Resume (if available)—including activities, volunteerism, and employment

Mentee application will be available soon, see last year's form here for reference.

Mentor requirements:

  • Member of Líderes Board and/or recommended by a Líderes member
  • Must participate in mentor training session
  • Commitment to participate in group activities with mentees
  • Commitment to provide at least one hour of in-person mentoring per month
  • Commitment to attend annual training and biannual mentor/mentee roundtables
  • Participation in initial and final surveys
  • Must submit resume (and agree to a background check)

To apply to be a mentor, please download the form here and email it to [email protected].

Have Questions? Please direct all inquiries to [email protected].