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    15, March 2024
    Victory for YouTube Activist and Journalist: Granted Right to Record NYPD Activities 

Victory for YouTube Activist and Journalist: Granted Right to Record NYPD Activities 


March 15, 2024 
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Second Circuit Court Of Appeals Upholds Right to Record  
Victory for YouTube Activist and Journalist: Granted Right to Record NYPD Activities 

New York, NY – A federal court in the Southern District of New York has re-instated an injunction barring the New York Police Department from from arresting LatinoJustice PRLDEF client SeanPaul Reyes and allowing him to record NYPD activity inside the public lobbies of NYPD precincts (Reyes v. City of New York, 23-cv-6369 the NYPD). 
SeanPaul Reyes, known to his YouTube followers as “Long Island Audit,” challenged the NYPD policy that the New York “Right to Record Act” does not apply in NYPD precinct lobbies, even though they are held open to the public. The district court agreed and enjoined the NYPD from applying the policy at all. After oral argument, a three-judge panel of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals agreed. While the Second Circuit held that only Mr. Reyes himself had shown enough harm to be entitled to an injunction during the case, it did not disturb the district court’s finding that Mr. Reyes was likely to succeed on the merits. 

A stay will remain in place for others until the City’s appeal is heard in full.  
The following statement can be attributed to Andrew Case, Supervising Counsel at LatinoJustice PRLDEF, who represented Mr. Reyes. 

“LatinoJustice applauds today’s decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. The NYPD has had a history of arresting people simply for challenging their authority, and as a matter of policy for recording police officers on official business. Today’s decision is correcting a wrong that and is a good step forward to ensuring the right to record by civilians and journalists is protected and enforced. Our community should have the freedom to partake in their civic duty to help expose any issues or wrongdoings by NYPD or any other in our city. We will continue to work to defend the rights of Mr. Reyes and defend the constitutional rights of our Latino community and beyond.” 



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