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Supreme Court Weakens Civil Rights Statute that Protects Against Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

The Supreme Court's decision continues a pattern of making race claims more difficult to bring at the pleading stage of litigation. LatinoJustice PRLDEF joined the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and others in an amicus brief urging the Court that credible allegations that race played a part in employment decisions impede the right to contract on equal terms as whites in this country – the guarantee in the country’s oldest civil rights statute, Section 1981.

Federal appeals court affirms that restaurant owner fraudulently conveyed properties to avoid paying $2.7 million wage theft judgment

A group of ex-restaurant workers in Kim v Yoo (Case 18-1447) won a new victory before a three-judge panel of the Second Circuit Appeals Court. The Panel affirmed the decision and judgment of the late SDNY Judge Robert Sweet, who found that Ji Sung Yoo, the owner of Kum Gang San, Korean restaurant that employed the workers, had impermissibly transferred his interests in three properties in Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn to family members to avoid paying a $2.7 million judgment. The fraudulent transfers left the owner without sufficient assets to satisfy the wage theft judgment previously awarded to his former workers pursuant to New York State and federal labor laws.

Oyster Bay looks again at restricting day laborers soliciting work

Submitted by Christiaan Perez on 30. December 2018

Oyster Bay Town officials are planning new restrictions on day laborers after two court decisions declared previous limitations unconstitutional. LatinoJustice sued Oyster Bay for violating Day Laborer organizer rights and will remain vigilant for any further violations.

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