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Honoring Black Lives and Celebrating Juneteenth

Our country is poised to embark on transformational changes to achieve racial justice in light of the events of the last several weeks. To honor the fortitude and indomitable spirit of our enslaved African-descended ancestors, LatinoJustice PRLDEF offices will be closed this Friday in observance of Juneteenth.

We encourage our staff – and our networks – to celebrate the multitude of contributions generations of Black people have made to this country and to recognize the incredible courage and resilience with which formerly enslaved people forged new lives in the aftermath of slavery.

Despite continued efforts to keep the descendants of enslaved people in an inferior position in this country, Black Americans have persevered toward a vision of justice and equity. Today’s momentous movement to end state sanctioned police brutality is one more step toward that vision. Whether you choose to volunteer, march, listen or share, please find ways to honor these lives.

In solidarity with our African-descended brothers and sisters, we wish you a joyous Juneteenth.

Juan Cartagena